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June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson – King of pedophiles is dead!


There are people that just deserve to die and I will have no pity whatsoever for their death. One of them was michael jackson. I believe that if a person is dead it’s no good of telling bad things about them or their lives, but somehow I don’t think that is the case now. Take a look over the internet and see what people are saying:

“Good riddance. It’s good when pedophiles die”

“Finally, the pervert is DEAD! I am one happy muther f**ker! Yes, I am a hater. I hate that freak with a passion.”

“King of Pedophile Michael Jackson is dead”

“Little boys will now sleep better at night.”

“Michael Jackson died a long time ago.”

“Now I can let my kids play outside.”

“Nothing he ever did in his life as an artist makes up for molesting one child. And he was a repeat offender.”

“Children in heaven beware. You will no longer be able to rest in peace.”

“I’ll bet his chimpanzee friend Bubbles is as sad as I am.”

“The guy was a fucking freak monster disaster of a human being.”

“f*ck him.. im glad hes not alive to molest anymore kids.. yeah yeah he had good music.. but that doesnt make him a good person.. hes a pedophile. end of story”

“As Farrah is walking through the gates of heaven, Jackson is meeting Satan at the moment–F*cking perv!”

“another stupid child molester died. thank you god for listening to my prayers. f*ck mj he’s a f**kin bitch.”

“Pop king Michael Jackson is now in Hell.Being a pedophile-gay is a strong sin.”

“Why worship and cry for a crazy rich man who liked to sleep with young boys? He was a CHILD-SEX OFFENDER. He paid his victim jordy chandler millions of dollors for WHAT?”

“Mikey was charged with child molestation TWICE! The first time he settled out of court for 20 million dollars, hardly the action of an innocent man.”

Yes, there are many who moan the bastard indeed, but believe me, these quotes are just a drop in the ocean of hate for michael jackson – the child molester.
Oh, and I laughed out loud at this one:

“R.I.P king of POOP.. or PEDO. whichever you like”

The Pedo King – that is how he should be remembered.

You think it’s not the best time to make jokes about him? Here are a few for you then that popped up today:

“I heard that Elton John is doing a tribute song to Michael called “Candle Up My Ass”. So cool!”

“Micheal Jackson on his death bed requested that his ashes be packaged into a box of rice bubbles, so he can have the feeling of going through a 10 year old’s *** one more time!”

“BREAKING NEWS!!! Micheal Jackson passed away this morning from a massive heart attack. Authorities have released a statement saying that they will melt his body down and make plastic toys so the kids can play with him for a change.”

“michael jackson didnt really have a heart attack he was seen in the childrens hospital having a stroke”

“Since Michael was 99% plastic, do you think his body will be melted into legos so kids can play with HIM for a change?”

“I think we should respect his wishes to not bury him but to melt him down into PS3’s so he can still play with children.”

“I thought he died of food poisoning…
you know?
eating 12 year old wiener…”

“Micheals last words was: Take me to the children hospital”

Yes I know, this is sick – but so was that Michael Jackson bastard!

And here’s a little something for the true fans:

“I can’t wait ’til this paedo is buried, I’ve just “Got To Be There” My name’s “Ben” and “Music And Me” have been at one since Birth. I’ll remember you “Forever, Michael” Your sickening appearance was so “off The Wall” If they Televise your Funeral it will be a real “Thriller” You were a “Bad” “Dangerous” creature with Children. To be fair to Michael I would like to hear “HIStory” But it’s too late now. I guess you just weren’t “Invincible” Mr. Jackson.”

and from the fans with brains:

“i was always a massive fan of wacko but i’m glad he’s dead. actually glad. his life, the way he lived it, the way he chose to live it and ultimately the way he was forced to live it was a fuckin joke. maybe now that he’s gone, people can concentrate on his music and not his personal life. and i’m not for 1 second condoning anything that may or may not have occurred between him and young boys, all i’m sayins is maybe now he can have some peace. R.I.P michael, you will be sorely missed.”

And before you jump with comments arguing:

“MJ was a good singer and dancer, however great he was you cannot cover up some things such as him dangling the child from the balcony window, you’ll never know if he did really molester them kids but i hope he R.I.P.S”

“Michael Jackson, despite the fact he was a legendary music figure, despite the fact he donated millions to charity, was a f*cking despicable, sickening child rapist. If there is a heaven and hell, he’s f*cking burning his ass off in the latter right now. Burn, baby, burn, you f*cking monsterous child rapist.”

“If someone accused you of molesting their child and you were innocent, would you settle out of court to the tune of 20 million dollars? Mikey did. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Kind of makes you look guilty.”

“Acquitted and proven innocent are not exactly the same. Especially when you’re talking someone that looks like a sideshow freak and has already settled an earlier molestation case.”

“anyone think this could be rubbish and he’s not really dead and that he sees this as a money making scheme …. just a theory makes sense to me he would make loads of money selling albums again now that he’s dead”

“6,000 or more children die from malaria in Africa each and every day. I’d be willing to bet I know a great deal more about life than you do. Michael Jackson was a walking freak-show who just now happens to be dead. Big fucking deal. Get over it and move on.”

One thought on “Michael Jackson – King of pedophiles is dead!

  1. I think that his sin is not different from the many other persons who are SUPPOSED to do this.
    And why the people blame him more than others?
    This is because of his fame as a pop-singer.

    This is not fair-minded.

    Leave your words for those who is in life.

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