New 10 RMB banknote to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Exactly one month before the start of the Beijing Olympic Games the People’s Bank of China issues a commemorative 10 RMB bill. It features the newly built already iconic image of the National Stadium known as the Bird’s Nest on the front and the ancient Greek statue of a discus thrower “Discobolus” on the back.

Olympic commemorative 10 RMB notes
Since the commemorative banknote was issued in only 6 million copies it seems that the whole country rushed since morning to Bank of China branches to get their own copy because of a one banknote per customer policy. Immediately after the sale much higher prices for the 10 yuan Chinese banknote were reported, soaring as high as 1000 RMB per banknote! I personally heard of banknotes being sold forty times the initial price at 400 yuan, but I still think it’s too much. It’s probably just the initial rush, but I might be wrong of course. 6,000,000 banknotes for 1,321,851,888 people (2007 est.) makes about 1 banknote per every 220 people… seems enough!

But what all the western media sees is

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