– the place for all things Chrome Just 4 days ago I was writing an article about new browser from Google – Chrome: “Meet the fastest internet browser – Google Chrome” and yesterday already I was launching and announcing my own project called – Chromable at Check it out!

The idea of having a blog dedicated to Google Chrome hit me when I was writing the article (7/09), I thought of a domain name first, but as usually all the good names that came to my mind were already taken. Among the ones that I tried was and a few other, but then I came up with a brilliant idea as I think – Chromable! – it sounds well, it’s easy to remember and you can understand it’s about Chrome and all the chromable things.

Next day (8/09) I bought the domain name and set up the hosting. One day later (9/09) the web-site was up and running with some articles already, but nobody knew about it yet. Also I designed the logo that day, which I’m very pleased with by the way. Yesterday (10/09) I announced the web-site to the public and started promoting it, submitted it to major serach engines and directories. Today I worked a bit more on the site’s design, added up the icons and stuff, but most importantly continued with SEO, feeds and added up a few plugins. Still a lot of things need to be done and more valuable content will need to be added if I want this resource to become popular. Probably will concentrate on articles tomorrow already.

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