Pictures of Palcho (Palkor) Monastery in Tibet

Palkor Monastery (sometimes referred to as Palcho, or Palchoi Monastery) was built in 1418 by the first Panchen Kezhugyi and took 10 years to complete. It is located on the outskirts of Gyantse and accommodates four different Buddhist sects: Gelug, Gagyu, Sagya and Nyingma, which is rare in Tibet. Each sect has its own praying hall, while the main hall houses the bronze statue of Sakyamuni, which is about eight meters high and weighs about 14,000 kilograms. On the flanks of the main hall are Arhat Halls that house some 100 finely crafted arhat statues with different facial expressions.

The monastery is best known for it’s enormous pagoda, better known as “Bodhi Stupa”, or “Kumbum” in Tibetan. The 9 story pagoda is 42,4 meters high, has 76 halls with 108 doors and hosts about 3,000 statues and some 100,000 images of Buddha. This is why the pagoda is often called “One Hundred-Thousand-Buddha Tower”. These images include Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Vajras, Dharma Kings, Arhats, great adepts of different orders in Tibetan Buddhist history, and outstanding figures in Tibetan history such as Songtsen Gampo and Trisong Detsen.

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I Have Nothing To Do With You Death (Grigore Vieru)

I have nothing to do with you death,
I don’t even hate you at all,
The others will curse you I know
Same way they will slander the light.

But what would you do and how would you live,
If you’d have a mother, and she’d die?
What would you do and how would it be,
If you’d had children and they’d die?!

I have nothing to do with you death,
I don’t even hate you at all,
You are mighty and I’m feeble,
But my life is mine alone.

I am not afraid of you death,
I can only feel pity for you,
You never had mother yourself,
You never had children of yours.

Grigore Vieru
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P.S.: e o incercare de-a mea de a traduce in engleza fragmentul “Nu am moarte cu tine nimic” pe care l-a scris Grigore Vieru la moartea mamei sale.

Când mori câte puţin …?

Am primit acest mesaj de la prieteni ceva timp în urmă. E adevărat, uneori murim câte puţin…

Moare cate putin cine se transforma in sclavul obisnuintei, urmand in fiecare zi aceleasi traiectorii;
cine nu-si schimba existenta;
cine nu risca sa construiasca ceva nou;
cine nu vorbeste cu oamenii pe care nu-i cunoaste.

Moare cate putin cine-si face din televiziune un guru.
Moare cate putin cine evita pasiunea,
cine prefera negrul pe alb si punctele pe “i” in locul unui vartej de emotii, acele emotii care invata
ochii sa straluceasca, oftatul sa surada si care elibereaza sentimentele inimii.

Moare cate putin cine nu pleaca atunci cand este nefericit in lucrul sau;
cine nu risca certul pentru incert pentru a-si indeplini un vis;
cine nu-si permite macar o data in viata sa nu asculte sfaturile “responsabile”.

Moare cate putin cine nu calatoreste;
cine nu citeste; cine nu asculta muzica;
cine nu cauta harul din el insusi.
Moare cate putin cine-si distruge dragostea;

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