How to earn money by selling your pictures through microstock agencies.

Earn money Now, you probably heard that you can make money on-line by simply selling your pictures. Sounds easy, right? I’ve been asked a few times about how do I make money from my photographs, so that is supposed to be simple and concise reply to that question.

First of all, there are several ways to sell your pictures over the internet, depending on your level and on what do you have to offer. Once you begin selling the pictures you’ll understand better what’s needed by your agency and how you can earn more. For start let’s explain what is stock photography, what’s microstock and how is it different from traditional stock photography.

Stock photography is basically a collection of photographs on various subjects that can be used many times, so instead of hiring a photographer for a specific job or assignment, customers who need pictures just browse the stock collection and select the image they need, thus saving time and money. Traditional stock is what big publishing houses, advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines use. Microstock is what comes handy for small design studio’s, bloggers and everyone who just cannot afford to pay big money for a photograph. The main difference is of course the price you pay for a photograph and the license type. I’ll write a separate article on license types, but just so you know RF (stands for Royaltee-Free) and is what’s used for microstock and traditional stock uses both RM (Rights Managed) or L (Licensed) and RF. An RF image sold through microstock can cost somewhere between 0,20-5,00 USD and the same image sold on RF license through a traditional agency will cost at least 50 USD.

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