Save the world: Amazonian forest and EU

I’ve been talking about saving the world last time a few weeks ago (Save the World: Let’s start with the polar bears first) and here’s another quest for all of you who care about our planet.

I’ll cut straight to subject: I think I don’t have to explain you the importance of Amazonian rainforests in our ecosystem and it’s slowly deforestation is already a known fact. The thing is that a lot of wood is logged illegally in Brazil, and EU is contributing to that by buying smuggled wood. So, what we can do is adopt a new legislation regarding timber law in Europe. And what you can do is sign and send a letter addressed to European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso which will look something like this:

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Save the World: Let’s start with the polar bears first.

I received an email today from the WWF about recently launched urgent new TV campaign to make people aware of how climate change is affecting polar bears and other animals. They say polar bears are at risk of extinction due to melting and thinning arctic ice, and could disappear by the end of this century if we don’t take action.

I remember I’ve seen a new documentary a few months ago, cannot remember the title, but it showed how the area populated by the polar bears is getting smaller each year and how difficult has become for them to find food and how the change of climate is affecting it all. It made me understand how it all happened and how fast it is all changing. Here’s the two-minute video from the message WWF sent me:

If you’re ready to take action see this message for yourself and find out how you can help. Basically, it’s not much you can do apart from making a donation and becoming a member of Wildlife Rescue Team, but I would suggest you get informed about what’s causing it and find out what are the simple things you can do in order to lower your carbon footprint. And here’ a tip for you – (calculate it, reduce it and offset it!)

P.S.: I will not divulge my carbon footprint here, but I will just say it’s not that big comparing to others. Let me just say that if I wouldn’t fly it would be much smaller. But permit me to just quote this:

* The average footprint for people in Moldova is 1.96 tonnes.
* The average for the industrial nations is about 11 tonnes.
* The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 4 tonnes.
* To combat climate change the worldwide average needs to reduce to 2 tonnes.

So, we Moldavians are combating the climate change!

Bloggers unite to make a difference

Bloggers Unite Never underestimate the power of people in large groups they say, and I cannot agree more. Large groups can make a difference, and the masses be they right or wrong can be a winning force if pointed in the right direction. I’ll let you decide if you want to be part of one of these large groups united for a good cause.

Bloggers are trying to make a difference and bloggers in today’s world mean a lot, maybe not more then TV or written media yet, but their voice is getting more powerful. So, the BlogCatalog community of bloggers created a project called Bloggers Unite with the intention to show the whole world how powerful the mankind can be when united in the name of a good cause. Unleash the power of blogging! This time the blogosphere’s task is to help the refugees.

The question is what can you do? How can you contribute and how can you help the refugees?

You’ll have to use your most powerful weapon – information!

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