Meet the fastest internet browser – Google Chrome!

Google Chrome Logo It seems that every blogger around the globe feels necessary to announce the release of Google’s latest product – Google Chrome web browser! And if you haven’t heard about it yet, that can mean only one thing – you’ve been away from the virtual world for at least 5 days. The beta version for Windows (XP and Vista) was announced and released on September 2, 2008 and Mac OS X and Linux versions are still under development.

Google claims the new Chrome browser is far faster and more reliable than anything else today. It runs on the new V8 JavaScript engine and is based on WebKit. I can tell you myself from my own experience that it does feel faster and it is also already confirmed by numerous tests and benchmarks. Security was one of the main concerns and the architecture for the browser was built from the scratch.

The main question raised is why did Google decided to enter the market of web browsers? For some it was an obvious move, but let’s see what really happened. Mozilla Firefox was sponsored by Google since 2006 (85% of it’s income) and it will still be sponsored in the future (till 2011), so why creating a new product that will compete with the one you’re sponsoring? Well, the answer is quite simple, Mozilla officials declared earlier that Firefox cannot become an arm of Google although sponsored mainly by them, and Google cannot rival Microsoft while they retain the biggest share of the market with Internet Explorer, so they just had to develop their own product. Some analysts say Google Chrome has got a big future and chances are in about a year it will become more popular then Firefox (which holds over 19% of the market share).

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