Why I started to respect Bill Gates

Bill Gates, World Leaders Present Global Plan For Mother/Child Health

First of all, let’s think for a second why people actually say they hate Bill Gates? Hmm? I’ll tell you why – because he’s a rich bastard! People hate rich people because of their wealth, they just envy them, simple as that. And unless you’re some Royal highness that shares his wealth with his people and does something for the people, like the Sultan of Brunei (who used to be the richest man on earth once) or like Sheikh Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai – people will most probably hate your guts. But people will usually say they hate Gates because of the crappy Microsoft products and every time something doesn’t work they will just express their feelings for the man behind it all, sort of speaking.

I didn’t hate Gates, I just imagined him as a selfish person (from the stories I’ve heard) and adding the fact that I really dislike most of the Microsoft products (the MSN/Windows messenger is the first thing to be deleted from any Microsoft OS, pity you cannot do the same with Internet Explorer, but you sometimes need it, I haven’t used Microsoft Office for years already and advise all my friends to close their accounts with Hotmail), Bill Gates is really not the person you would enjoy a cup of tea with.

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