Choosing a web hosting provider? May I recommend?

Last year I had to change my hosting provider. I had a few good reasons to do that: the prices were higher then similar service from other host providers, they lack a few features I needed to run specific scripts, the server went down a few times a year and it would take more then a day to get it back sometimes and customer support had worsen to terrible. I didn’t want to rush and I actually investigated for about a month in a search for a new web hosting provider. I’ve read all sorts of reviews, ratings and tops, read what the customers have to say in various forums and came up with the list of 3-4 hosting companies that seemed to be good. What amazed me is that people would complain and relief their stress writing a bad customer review for just about every hosting provider, but I guess some of them were probably written by the competitors. In the end I have chosen Hostgator and I’m happy with the choice I made.

I’ve been with Hostgator for a little bit over one year, but I had no problems with them at all. What do you think are the two most important things in a hosting? I would say it’s the uptime and customer support. My uptime with Hostgator was 100% and you can notice the monitoring badge in the footer of this blog that proves that (I installed it recently but nether less it shows 100% uptime so far). I had a few questions during this year addressed to the customer support through the ticketing system and I always got a fast reply (it was a matter of minutes) and they solved my problems. So I cannot be happier about it and that is why I would actually recommend them.

I was a little bit concerned that if the hosting provider I choose would become extremely popular the quality of their service will drop.

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