You Know You’ve Lived in China Too Long When…

I found a group on facebook recently with this topic and it is so funny! Well it probably would be funny for the ones who lived in China. I’ve selected just a few very best ones in my opinion here:

5. You smoke in crowded elevators.
6. All white people look the same to you.
8. You find state-employed retail staff helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.
9. You no longer need tissues to blow your nose.
12. You think that the heavy air actually contains valuable nutrients that you need to stay healthy.
15. It??s OK to throw rubbish, including old fridges, from your 18th-floor window.
16. You believe that pressing the lift button 63 times will make it move faster.
17. You aren??t aware that one is supposed to pay for software.

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GPS Tracking – now you can spy on others!

GPS mobile trackingThe dynamic development of modern technologies is not a surprise for anyone these days and things we regarded in the past as almost science-fiction or thought to be “technologies of the future” are quickly becoming parts of our everyday lives. One of this relatively new hi-tech things is GPS. For the ones of you who don’t know yet exactly what it is I’ll do a bit of explanation. GPS or Global Positioning System (which is pretty much explanatory) is a system through which certain special enabled devices can be located exactly through satellite system.

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Simpsonize yourself!

Simpsonizer?This summer along with The Simpsons Movie and probably to promote the movie a nice online tool was launched. It allows you to render Simpsons like characters by providing a simple photograph. The tool is called “simpsonizer” and the action – “simpsonizing”. I’m not a fan of The Simpsons but I always enjoyed watching these cartoons and I also enjoyed getting simpsonized.
You can find this tool here – Start Simpsonizing!

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Office Boredom

The Pill for youFor all of you out there who spend most of their time in the office. Here are a few things to cheer you up on Monday. Some nice quotes for the start:

  • Making mistakes is human, but it’s against our company’s policy. (Anonymous)
  • Our company’s dressing code: always cover your back. (Anonymous)
  • A memorandum is written not to inform the reader but to protect the writer. (Dean Acheson)
  • Tell your boss everything you think about him and the truth will set you free. (Anonymous)
  • Leisure time is that five or six hours when you sleep at night. (George Allen)
  • Less important you are in the company’s structure, more they will miss you when you’ll be out of office. (Bill Vaughan)
  • Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they’re looking for ideas. (Paula Poundstone)
  • The one that smiles when the things went wrong already found someone to blame. (Arthur Bloch)
  • I’ve noticed that the persons that arrive late in the office are more cheerful than the ones waiting for them (E.V.Lucas)

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Manusa Roşie sau impresii electorale de la Chişinău.

Credeam ca comunistii au venit cu o noua ideologie de a aduce staruri americane pe scena politica din Moldova. Asta a fost impresia cand am vazut Chisinaul inpaienzit cu publicitatea unui anume Jordan (la fel ca si baschetbalistul american renumit). Si mare a fost mirarea sa aflu ca “americanu” lor poate vorbi. Si nu numai ca vorbeste, dar vorbeste in limba Romana! Asta s-a intamplat de ziua alegerilor din 3 iunie cand a fost prins in public in momentul cand exercita dreptul la vot. Spre seara deja prin telefon la Moldova 1 in emisiunea lui Mircea a declarat ca deacum incolo va vorbi!

Tabara comunista pare destul de calma si probabil crede ca daca candidatul lor la fotoliul Primariei a reusit sa iasa in turul doi fara a scoate nici o vorba in public va inchipuiti ce se intampla cand va vorbi?! Nu stiu insa daca vor lasa omul cu porecla “Manusa Rosie” sa vorbeasca in public pentru ca se pare ca intradevar se pricepe mai bine la manusi decat la vorbe. Un astfel de talent trebuie folosit! Tara are nevoie de oameni muncitori, ca dupa ce cu ajutorul comunistilor si a predecesorilor au facut sa fuga lumea din tara trebuie sa munceasca cineva, nu? Apropo, la moment cel mai popular banc in Moldova e tot despre oamenii care muncesc!

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Când se stinge lumina… / When the lights go out…

Ma uitam acuma pe internet să văd ce alte “blog”-uri a conaţionalilor mai găsesc şi am dat de un articol interesant pe EuroBlog-ul lui Val Popovici. E despre un film de scurt metraj a lui Igor Cobâleanschi. Mi-a plăcut mult. Iată link-ul de pe YouTube.

Şi iată şi filmuleţul…

Iată ştirea preluată de pe EuroBlog:

In Romania a fost lansat filmul de scurt metraj “Intr-o tara second hand, totul e la second hand”. Scenografia este semnata de catre cunoscutul regizor de la Chisinau, Igor Cobaleanschi, informeaza Agentia DECA-press.

Producatorul filmului, Thomas Ciulei, spune ca filmul surprinde o realitate din vietile persoanelor obisnuite: “ratiunea dispare, cand omul vrea sa facă un ban rapid”. Producatorul spune, citat de presa romaneasca, ca l-a intalnit pe regizorul Igor Cobaleanschi in Republica Moldova, in 2004. I-a placut scenariul si a incercat sa obtina bani pentru scurtmetraj. Pelicula a fost sponsorizata pana la urma de Studioul de Creatie a Ministerului Culturii de la Bucuresti, condus de regizorul Lucian Pintilie. Cheltuielile de productie s-au ridicat la 60.000 de dolari.

Regizorul Igor Cobaleanschi, in varsta de 33 de ani, este cunoscut si prin producerea unor videoclipuri pentru trupa “Zdob si Zdub”.