Michael Jackson – King of pedophiles is dead!

There are people that just deserve to die and I will have no pity whatsoever for their death. One of them was michael jackson. I believe that if a person is dead it’s no good of telling bad things about them or their lives, but somehow I don’t think that is the case now. Take a look over the internet and see what people are saying:

“Good riddance. It’s good when pedophiles die”

“Finally, the pervert is DEAD! I am one happy muther f**ker! Yes, I am a hater. I hate that freak with a passion.”

“King of Pedophile Michael Jackson is dead”

“Little boys will now sleep better at night.”

“Michael Jackson died a long time ago.”

“Now I can let my kids play outside.”

“Nothing he ever did in his life as an artist makes up for molesting one child. And he was a repeat offender.”

“Children in heaven beware. You will no longer be able to rest in peace.”

“I’ll bet his chimpanzee friend Bubbles is as sad as I am.”

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