A few thoughts on saving the planet topic

By now you’ve heard a lot of things about global warming, climate change, CO2 emissions and stuff like that. You’ve been also told of things you can do to save our planet, but I’m not gonna talk about it right now, here is some food for your mind on this topic.

For those of you who know George Carlin the video I’m going to present is not something new, in fact it’s actually quite old, but it’s a classic and I’m sure you gonna enjoy watching it. The thing is, George Carlin was a well-known American comedian, but since the lack of american humor in general the rest of the world is not interested in American comedians, but this one is actually worth it. I’ll let you watch him first, this is a great monologue and he gives you a different perception on the hole idea of “saving the planet”. Note: the language might be offensive.

Well, you get the idea now: the planet is fine – we are f*cked. And he made a really fine allegory on that philosophical question of our existence on that planet – the earth simply needs plastic! Brilliant!

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Save the World: Let’s start with the polar bears first.

I received an email today from the WWF about recently launched urgent new TV campaign to make people aware of how climate change is affecting polar bears and other animals. They say polar bears are at risk of extinction due to melting and thinning arctic ice, and could disappear by the end of this century if we don’t take action.

I remember I’ve seen a new documentary a few months ago, cannot remember the title, but it showed how the area populated by the polar bears is getting smaller each year and how difficult has become for them to find food and how the change of climate is affecting it all. It made me understand how it all happened and how fast it is all changing. Here’s the two-minute video from the message WWF sent me:

If you’re ready to take action see this message for yourself and find out how you can help. Basically, it’s not much you can do apart from making a donation and becoming a member of Wildlife Rescue Team, but I would suggest you get informed about what’s causing it and find out what are the simple things you can do in order to lower your carbon footprint. And here’ a tip for you – Carbonfootprint.com (calculate it, reduce it and offset it!)

P.S.: I will not divulge my carbon footprint here, but I will just say it’s not that big comparing to others. Let me just say that if I wouldn’t fly it would be much smaller. But permit me to just quote this:

* The average footprint for people in Moldova is 1.96 tonnes.
* The average for the industrial nations is about 11 tonnes.
* The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 4 tonnes.
* To combat climate change the worldwide average needs to reduce to 2 tonnes.

So, we Moldavians are combating the climate change!