Georgia vs Russia at the Beijing Olympics

On August 8th, while the Olympic teams were entering the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing at the opening ceremony of the XXIXth Olympic Games, Russian troops were entering Georgia, once a former Soviet Republic, now invaded by Russian Army, claiming they are acting as so called “peace-keepers”, like they always do. I will not write about this war aggression here, it has been said enough already, but if you want to find out what’s behind it all just read this article here: The Pipeline War. The did is certainly not in the spirits of the Olympics and I blame Russia for starting a war during the Olympic Games, when it supposed to be the other way around.

I would like to remind you the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956 when Russian tanks invaded the streets of Budapest. After Russians bombed Hungary the national polo teams of Hungary and USSR met in Melbourne for a game which was later called “Blood in the Water match” or “Blood Bath”. The name was coined by the media after Hungarian player Ervin Zador emerged from the pool with blood pouring from under his eye after being punched by a Soviet player. That was a semifinal and Hungary won that game 4:0 taking the revenge in sports (they became Olympic champions back then), while Russians could not show a fair play even in sports. There was also a documentary about that event produced in 2006 by Quentin Tarantino and called “Freedom’s Fury“.

The Georgian Olympic team wanted to withdraw from the Olympics, but they decided to remain at the games and now the national Olympic teams of both countries will meat at the sports matches. The one I’m aware of is this one: