Who should pay the bill for Korean hostages?

Korean Hostages in Afghanistan You all probably heard the story of 23 Korean hostages held by Talibans in Afghanistan. The good news that came in the end of last week about letting free the remaining 19 hostages was such a joy for me personally, since I was watching news about them everyday while in Korea for the past months and I felt truly sorry for them. I was also touched by the way the Korean media reported this event and by the way the whole country supported the families of the victims. And I just could not comprehend why would the Taliban terrorists choose Korean missioners as their targets. Well, apparently they did not choose them as targets, they just managed to get some foreigners and they did not care much about who they are and that the Korean government have no power whatsoever. They realized that later, when they demanded the release of Taliban members held prisoners by the Afghan government.

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