A few thoughts on saving the planet topic

By now you’ve heard a lot of things about global warming, climate change, CO2 emissions and stuff like that. You’ve been also told of things you can do to save our planet, but I’m not gonna talk about it right now, here is some food for your mind on this topic.

For those of you who know George Carlin the video I’m going to present is not something new, in fact it’s actually quite old, but it’s a classic and I’m sure you gonna enjoy watching it. The thing is, George Carlin was a well-known American comedian, but since the lack of american humor in general the rest of the world is not interested in American comedians, but this one is actually worth it. I’ll let you watch him first, this is a great monologue and he gives you a different perception on the hole idea of “saving the planet”. Note: the language might be offensive.

Well, you get the idea now: the planet is fine – we are f*cked. And he made a really fine allegory on that philosophical question of our existence on that planet – the earth simply needs plastic! Brilliant!

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US seen by Californians and The World seen by Americans.

Probably the most popular map on the internet for the past month was this representation of United States as seen by Californians: Religious Nutballs in the East, Fake Cowboys in Texas, Old people are of course in Florida, the area around Vegas, Coffee area, the loud and obnoxious New Yorker’s area, and northern area around the lakes seen as part of Canada.
How Californians see America

How New Yorkers see AmericaIt is a quite funny and hilarious view that lead to many discussions and new maps drawn by other fellow Americans, the loud and obnoxious New Yorkers quickly reviewed the map into this (see right) while others demanded California be a new country, Texan cowboys said they had their own republic once and that could be an option again. Others went even further stating there should definitely be NoCal & SoCal (for Northern and Southern parts of California), or start wondering where did Alaska and Hawaii disappeared.

Speaking of New Yorkers actually, here’s the view they have for the world

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