– the place for all things Chrome Just 4 days ago I was writing an article about new browser from Google – Chrome: “Meet the fastest internet browser – Google Chrome” and yesterday already I was launching and announcing my own project called – Chromable at Check it out!

The idea of having a blog dedicated to Google Chrome hit me when I was writing the article (7/09), I thought of a domain name first, but as usually all the good names that came to my mind were already taken. Among the ones that I tried was and a few other, but then I came up with a brilliant idea as I think – Chromable! – it sounds well, it’s easy to remember and you can understand it’s about Chrome and all the chromable things.

Next day (8/09) I bought the domain name and set up the hosting. One day later (9/09) the web-site was up and running with some articles already, but nobody knew about it yet. Also I designed the logo that day, which I’m very pleased with by the way. Yesterday (10/09) I announced the web-site to the public and started promoting it, submitted it to major serach engines and directories. Today I worked a bit more on the site’s design, added up the icons and stuff, but most importantly continued with SEO, feeds and added up a few plugins. Still a lot of things need to be done and more valuable content will need to be added if I want this resource to become popular. Probably will concentrate on articles tomorrow already.

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Wordle it!

Haven’t you heard of Wordle yet? It’s a little web application that lets you create word clouds out of texts, tags and any documents with words basically. It’s something in between art and tagonomy or folksonomy some might say. One thing’s for sure this little toy is becoming a really popular trend these days and is one of these web 2.0 toys.

This graphical representation is what Wordle generated out of my blog just now! One important feature of Wordle is that it can generate the “arty cloud” from a RSS or Atom feed or according to your tags.

If you get bored and looking for some fun…

I was a bit bored the other day, just browsing the internet looking for something fun to do. And I came across a few things I would like to share. So here they are:

At MyHeritage using the face recognition technology you can upload a picture of you and see who of the celebrities looks like you. You’ll find out the exact percentage of similarity and will be given a choice of presenting it as a collage or as a morphing like the one of me you see below. Apparently Harrison Ford looks like me! And also you can download a free family tree builder from here. It looks like a very nice program, cheers for that!

At dotomator there is a very handy tool called web 2.0 domain name generator in case you decided you starting a new web 2.0 project but stuck with the ideas for a name. Apart from the fact that it looks very web 2.0, it also generates pretty cool names: Twizu, Flashwire, Shuffledog (I like this one, but the dotcom is taken already), Dynabox, Plazio, Twidel, Wikinyx, Kayva, Youware, Zooyo, Flipspot, Kiba, Plambo, Podtube, Ooboo, Bubbleopia, Snapspan, Tagdrive, Feedtype, Linkpoint.

If you’re found by the stupidity of the current American president there’s a a site for you – The Complete Bushisms,

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